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Credit Corner / You Have 3 Scores!

"What are my credit scores and how do they adjust?"

Credit Scores and how they work is hard to figure out! Even experts will say that people who look at free on-line credit reports get a false sense of what their credit scores really are!

The free reports don’t give you the complete picture!!

To get a complete and clear picture, you must look at all 3 of your credit scores from Experian, Trans Union, and Equifax at the same time. A report showing all 3 of these scores, is far better and more precise than any other type of single score credit report.

This type of report will give you all of your accounts, current balances, ratings, credit limits, and much more to help you keep your credit scores high! Having a basic knowledge of how your credit score accounts work is extremely valuable to know!! I will offer suggestions to help you keep your scores high. Higher scores will help you obtain better interest rates when buying your next home.

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