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1st Time Buyers


If you are renting, all you are doing is “paying off your landlord’s property for him!” Your rent payment provides you with a place to stay but you are missing out on other important benefits from owning a home your own.


Some of the benefits of owning your own home are:

  •  Tax write offs which potentially will let you pay less in taxes each year!
  • The opportunity of building Equity and getting ahead.
  • Being able to use the equity from your home for vacations or purchases.
  • Owning a home that could go up in value and bring a profit to you if you sell.
  • Studies have shown that Individuals and families are happier when they own a home.
  • Having flexibility to do what you want with your own home and property!There is a certain amount of uncertainty in renting?? Many Landlord’s are aware of the housing market and are raising their monthly rental payments. Some renters are being asked to move out on short notice so the property can be remodeled and the rent raised higher for the future!

Some basic’s that 1st time buyers may not know about:

  1. There are areas in Utah County where you can buy a home without a Down Payment!
  2. You Do Not Need 20% down payment to buy a home!
  3. You can receive a “Money Gift” from close family members to help you if there are costs involved in your purchase.
  4. If you have a good job, income, and good credit scores, you are entitled to the same great programs and rates as those who already own a home!!!
  5. You can use a non-occupant co-borrower if needed to buy a home.
  6. There are several loan programs available to you.
  7. Interest Rates are still much lower than where they were a few years back.If you plan to Buy, Sell, or Build, NOW IS THE TIME TO DO SO to avoid higher home prices and interest rates.


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